Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Family!

Matt, James, Summit and I had our first ever family pictures taken on Saturday! My friends younger sister, Mary did them for us and she rocked! I should have more soon!


I really like this picture with our hands on James' shoulders.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In search of the PERFECT jacket!

This Jacket is not for me...its for James. As I mentioned he is going to be Indiana Jones for Halloween. We have the perfect hat (Thanks to Tom)and I am planning on getting his whip and bag from the halloween store... but I have not been able to find a coat! They do have them at the costume store but they are cheap looking and actually say Indiana Jones. James told me that in the movie his coat does not say that. I agreed with him :)This is kindof what I am looking for.

I have checked Old navy and I am now thinking of checking out some thrift stores, the DI. But if anyone knows where I can get one cheap please let me know. Also James really wants to carry a crystal skull, I am working on that too :)

I did tell James that I saw something on TV about how to make a "beard" and I could do that for him... he told me he needed "studdle" you know...the little hairs like you need to shave. It was very cute!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Blog!

SO I have never ever had a blog before, but I thought that it would be nice to start one. And I am worried because I dont know anyone else that has one so its going to be a little lonely here... I am however sending this to all my friends to annoy them into starting one.

Just a quick update on James, wonderful James. He is so smart and such a big kid. We have started reading his 1st chapter book, "Junie B. Jones" They read it in his first grade class and he really has enjoyed it. So last night James and I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the halloween book and we read 5 chapters last night. It was really an adorable book. He would read some and then I would read some and it was so nice to do that with him.

I will try very hard to keep this updated and include pictures and all that good stuff. I am sure I should have some good ones of halloween very soon. James is going to be Indiana Jones, He is very excited about it!